i Have sầu a máy tính bảng ipad 3 Running quả táo 5.1.1 và when i install youtube it says this ứng dụng is incompatable with this ipad

Please i want help

أنا لدي ايباد 3 يعمل بإصدار إي او اس 5.1.1 وانا احمل يوتيوب يقول لي هذا التطبيق ليس متوافق مع هذا الايباد

أرجوكم انا اريد المساعدة

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it's the choice of google which versions of quả táo they wish to support

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If you really have an máy tính bảng iPad 3rd generation ( with front & baông xã facing cameras ) that is still on its original iOS 5.1.1 version, then you will need to lớn connect that Máy tính bảng iPad to lớn a computer, also connected khổng lồ the Internet, lớn use iTunes to lớn vì a major tăng cấp of that máy tính bảng ipad 3 khổng lồ iOS 9.3.5.

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Then, you can seek a more up to lớn date, secure & compatible third tiệc ngọt Web browser ( about 8-9 of these still left for iOS 9 ) và you can view YouTube videos using the actual YouTube Website.

DO NOT use that over 3-year old version of the installed Safari Web browser!

If your iPad tablet is actually a 1st generation, 2010, iPad 1, running iOS 5.1.1, that máy tính bảng ipad mã sản phẩm cannot be upgraded any farther & you are out of luông chồng finding ANY apps, on the iOS App Store, for a 10-year old iPad, much less a working YouTube app, and the version of the Safari Web browser on that iPad tablet is hopelessly outdated & unsecure và will not play any YouTube videos, at all, from the YouTube Website, any longer.


Older third party apps are now more quickly going away for good!

These old máy tính bảng ipad 2,3, 4, 1st gene ipad Mini models are nearing 8 and 9-years old, now.

As of the beginning of 2019, many, MANY third tiệc nhỏ ứng dụng developers are all more quickly & completely dropping older ứng dụng tư vấn for all old 7, 8 and 9-year iPads that are running 2-3 year old và earlier iOS versions.

Third các buổi tiệc nhỏ tiện ích developers are removing all of their older, legacy versions of their apps from nguthan.vn's App Store servers, now.

Older versions of apps are going to lớn be gone for good, now!

Getting older versions of tiện ích for these old ipad tablet models, initially from nguthan.vn’s iOS App Store is getting to be very difficult và problematic, now, & will only be getting much worse in the year 20trăng tròn.

These old iPads are now reaching their complete end of life and tư vấn.

Old iPads that can no longer be upgraded/updated will have NO MORE APPS AVAILABLE for initial download, at all, soon, from the nguthan.vn iOS App Store, for such old iOS devices in the very near future.

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Older versions of apps for older iPads will be completely gone, very soon!

Time lớn now seriously consider a new or discounted, refurbished ipad from nguthan.vn.