Summary: This article helps you in exploring different ways to fix Excel Data source reference is not valid error.

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Apart from this, get complete detail on why you are getting this error và how lớn fix pivot table data source reference is not valid error.

Many Excel users are reporting there are encountering the “Data source reference is not valid” error while trying to lớn create a Pivot table in Excel.

Commonly the issue appears while opening the Excel workbook that contains square brackets (<>) in the name và trying to lớn create Pivot Tables by using data from within the workbook.

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Practical Scenario:

Well, this is a very irritating error but is comtháng as it is not limited lớn any particular Excel version. Let describe Excel data source reference is not valid error best with the user personal experience.

Recently, I have been getting this error message when I try khổng lồ create a Pivot Table from Table in excel 2007. I have checked every single column & there is no empty one. I am really getting annoyed as the same data which have sầu imported from CRM system sometimes work & other times does not work. If I also convert my data in to a range and try to lớn insert PT, I get the same error.

Please help!

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Anyways this is not something that can’t be fixed, check out the possible fixes to troubleshoot pivot table data source reference is not valid error.

But before moving further, know what is causing Data source reference is not valid error in Excel.

Why I Am Getting The “Data Source Reference Is Not Valid” Error In Excel?

Well, the most comtháng cause of the error is the square brackets (invalid characters) in the Excel workbook tệp tin name.

However, it is investigated despite this there are several other culprits as well that trigger data source reference is not a valid error message.

Here kiểm tra them out:

1: Excel file not saved on the local drive

If you are trying to create a Pivot Table from an Excel file opened directly from the trang web or an tin nhắn attachment then you may encounter the particular error message. As in this case, the tệp tin will open from the temporary thư mục và this won’t have the same permissions as a regular thư mục.

If you are having the related scenario then resolve sầu the Excel data source reference not a valid error by saving the tệp tin on the local drive sầu first.

2: The pivot table data refers to lớn a non-existent range

If the range is not defined properly then this what caused the particular error. And you are trying khổng lồ create a Pivot table with an undefined range then the same error appears. And to fix the error define the range before trying to create the Pivot table.

3: The data source refers to a named range that contains invalid references

This is another possible reason responsible for the Data source reference is not valid error. Well, if the range is defined but references to lớn invalid values, the error crop up. So to lớn fix it make use of the Name Manager to lớn identify the values referenced and other necessary modifications to troubleshoot the problem.

4: Excel file name contains square brackets

Well, I discussed it earlier, if the name in Excel workbook contains square brackets then pivot table data source reference is not the valid error appears. Despite this there set of prohibited characters that Pivot tables won’t support. So to fix this Pivot table issue, edit the file name và remove square brackets & other forbidden characters.

So, these are some of the common reasons why you are getting the data reference is not a valid error in Excel. Now to resolve the error message, check out the possible fixes worked for the users khổng lồ encounter a similar situation.

Make sure khổng lồ follow the fixes in the order they are presented.

How To Fix “Data Source Reference Is Not Valid” Error In Excel?

Here are the following fixes which you need to lớn try for fixing up this Excel data source reference is not valid error. 

1# Remove File name Brackets

2# Saving tệp tin on the Local Disk

3# Assure the Range Exists and is Defined

4# Assure the reference for Named Range is Valid

5# Utilize Excel File Recovery Tool

Let’s discuss all these fixes briefly….!

Fix 1# Remove File Name Brackets

As discussed above this is the most comtháng reason that triggers the pivot table data source reference is not valid error.

So, while creating a Pivot Table make sure the file won’t contain the forbidden characters. Apart from this check out the steps lớn modify the name of the XLSX or XLS file for removing the prohibited characters.

Follow the steps to lớn bởi so:

Cthảm bại the Excel window currently using the tệp tin.Now utilize File Explorer lớn locate the Excel file location > & as you go there> right-click on it > select Rename.

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And remove brackets from the file name và try recreating the Pivot table again.